Development Management



Providing our clients with the best services available will lead us to long-term growth and well-executed management.


Everything needed for creating special and unique experience is available here. Our services are here to provide excellent development opportunities and peace of mind.


One of the basic philosophies for any kind of project is quality – everything must be set for your comfort, satisfaction and circumstance.

Expected services are:
  • Managing the design concept and feasibility analysis
  • Managing projects to ensure they become environmentally sensitive, sustainable and future proofed for emerging market requirements and needs
  • Managing the council/authority submission process and motivate for early approval through early development consultation and diligent documentation
  • Establishing design development strategy to meet market demand
  • Reviewing alternative strategies for development & provide feasibility modelling for sensitivity
  • Preparation and review of Development Programme, Resource Plan, Quality Plan, Communications Plan and Procurement Plans
  • Appointment and management of the professional consultant team
  • Liaising with local planning authorities regarding development controls and constraints, and negotiate best outcomes
  • Maximising asset potential in the design development strategy and ensuring client submissions to council is reflected in the best manner
  • Coordinating the development approval and/or rezoning process to achieve the most appropriate use for the land
  • Preparation of Tender packages and manage competitive or negotiated tender process
  • Manage the product selection and product specification process
  • Management of inspections, reporting and progress payments roles

During the development phase, we ensure targets are achieved through our thorough ‘hands-on’ management, meticulous attention to detail and continual client liaison. Zone acts on behalf of the investor/asset owner to best secure a result by devising & implementing strategies, with a determined execution of the project plan.


We utilise our extensive experience, expertise and industry network to identify and achieve the optimum project outcome by devising a dynamic business plan.

Development Management

During the development phase, we ensure targets are achieved through meticulous attention to detail and continual client liaison.

Transaction Management

We research, identify and analyse suitable sites to meet the intended purpose according to your needs, outlined clearly in our acquisition brief.


Zone works from a core set of values and pursues growth, diversification and the creation of investor wealth, as a responsible corporate citizen.