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We utilise our extensive experience, expertise and industry network to identify and achieve the optimum project outcome by devising a dynamic business plan.​

Development Management

During the development phase, we ensure targets are achieved through meticulous attention to detail and continual client liaison.

Transaction Management

We research, identify and analyse suitable sites to meet the intended purpose according to your needs, outlined clearly in our acquisition brief.

Corporate Governance

Zone works to a core set of values and pursues growth, diversification and the creation of investor wealth, as a responsible corporate citizen.



premium accommodation


With special business features


For Optimal Customer Conversion


Zone controls every aspect of the development and construction process including site acquisition, concept, design, development, authority approvals, construction, marketing and handover.

We ensure that all elements of the development process are carefully analysed, considered and adhered to.


The construction process is one the biggest and most important aspects of each development. Input from our expert team forms an integral part of each project.

Our project managers are involved from the earliest stage, ensuring proven construction detailing, meticulous material selection and maximized efficiency.

We have projects all over Melbourne and countless opportunities across Australia and internationally